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No signal

Now TV stick suddenly won’t connect to television. Click down on the button on the stick and appears on the screen as ‘now tv’ loading page but then goes back to ‘no signal’ box on the screen. Please help

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Re: No signal

Hi @Al2312 


When you say no signal, would that be a HDMI no signal ?


You can test this out by selecting a HDMI input source on your television with no device connected to it or disconnect the device to see if the screen looks the same.


Some TV manufacturers says No HDMI source or No signal when there is either nothing connected or the HDMI device is not switched or powered on.


First thing i would try is a different HDMI port on your television.


Also make sure there is a solid white light showing on the Stick, if no white light then it might be power related on the Stick, maybe try a USB 900ma port on your television if using the supplied power adapter that came with the Stick.


Also if you have a 5VDC 1A or higher USB charger lying around plus a USB micro to USB standard cable, then try that with the Stick.


If there is a white flashing light on the Stick, then maybe try rebooting both the Stick and your Router.


If that doesn't work and you have another television in the home, try temporary testing the Stick on the other television.

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