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No longer seeing the orange progress bar on episodes I've watched

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this on the now tv stick? I no longer see the orange progress bar under watched episodes, however my "continue watching" section works as normal.


This function works when streaming through my ipad, just not on the stick. I've tried a factory reset but this hasn't worked, any ideas? 

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@Anonymous User 


Yes, I see what you see. I don’t know about ‘no longer’, but things we have watched recently show up with the orange bar on the iPad. It seems to expire with time, as it doesn’t go back beyond Episode 5 of The Affair Season 3, but goes back two seasons with The Sopranos, which we’ve been speeding through.


But not back beyond the episode we are watching, on the Stick.

Please bear in mind that generally we are all customers like you, and so can’t help with billing or other queries that only Now can answer. We can try to point you in the right direction though.
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@Anonymous User 


Yes, I noticed the same thing started happening on my Stick a few weeks ago, the orange bar stopped appearing on an episode I just finished watching.....but it isn't happening on all shows I watch, for example it's stopped appearing on episodes of S.W.A.T but does still work on episodes of The Walking Dead and similar on all sorts of other shows?????


I'm just assuming it will all kick back in to life at some point in the future??


same issue with my TVs box but the app works fine on my phone 


Yeah, getting the same thing on my stick. Very annoying, i can never remember which episode i'm on! Please sort this out Nowtv people.