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Anonymous User
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No TV guide on smart stick

I’ve just upgraded my standard now tv box to a smart stick, and I now have no TV guide! Usually on the old box I would be able to watch live entertainment & films (they’re the 2 passes I have) but now I only have three options 


  • my apps
  • App Store 
  • settings 

can anyone help to get my TV guide back please? 

Elite 3

@Anonymous User does the TV guide appear when you click through to entertainment>watch live?



Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I have seen this happen before and would suggest working through the trouble shooting steps linked in this guide below. 


Also out of curiosity because i have never encountered this first hand myself, does the TV Guide quick access button work on the nowtv smart stick remote controller to access the live TV Guide and does it play the live channels when you have only My Apps, Apps Store & Settings available to choose from your your Home Screen.


Also another curiosity when going into My Apps and selecting the NowTV App does it get you into the NowTV system or does it bounce you out back to My Apps or something else ?


Hopefully one of the six trouble shooting steps will help (start with step 6, then step 1, then last resort try step 2 a full factory reset). 

Anonymous User
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The smart stick is via your internet so no Freeview signal as no aerial plugged in. You’ll get your TV guide back if you go back to your Now Box only