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No HDMI port



I have a spare old tv with no HDMI port but want to use my NowTV stick on it occasionally.


if I buy a DVI-D male (24+1) to HDMI female adapter converter, will this work?


These things baffle me so thank you so much in advance 🙂

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Hi @Anonymous User


A DVI-D adapter will only pass video and not sound.


So you need to take that into consideration. 


When I used my Bluray Player on an old Projector that had DVI-D connection I had to plug the Bluray Player into a AV Amp before passing the HDMI output to the projector and using the optical out for sound from the Bluray Player into the AV Amp. 


Because the NowTV Stick doesn't have a separate sound output such has optical or RCA you may need to look at another converter that can separate the video and sound output or another NowTV device that has a dedicated separate sound output source over RCA to feed your television to get sound.


See if there is a converter box that can do both on Amazon or Ebay. 


Never tested a converter box on NowTV apart from a HDMI Audio extractor which worked OK with no lip sync.


So if you find a converter that is suitable to your needs make sure the seller offers a no quibble returns policy just in case it doesn't work properly. 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Don't know if your old television has Scart, then maybe look at a Scart to HDMI adapter from places like Amazon, Ebay etc.


Or HDMI to composite (Yellow Red White) connection on your television if it has this ?


Don't know how well these HDMi to SD down converter boxes will function, but would have thought the picture will be a little ropey down converting from HD to SD.


If your old television supports Video Component (Red, Blue Green) plus has a red & white audio input then maybe look at a HDMI to Component and RCA audio out.


The converter box will need to be HDMI 1.4 HDCP compatible.


I am in agreement with @ukbobboy on this, where i would seriously consider a cheap second hand television that supports HDMI if money is tight.


Where you can buy some bargain HD televisions on places like Gumetree, Free Ads etc where people are virtually given them away for little money because of the 4K HDR upgrade itch.


I have two 42 inch HD Plasma TV's (great televisions for watching NowTV on especially fast action sports) and they are not worth much anymore on the second hand market.


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Hi Lorna


Having read your post and (forum member's) Schnapps reply, I get the impression that you are trying to attach a Now TV stick to an old fashioned TV with only an aerial socket as an input, something that you can only attach an old yesteryear video tape recorder to.


Also, Schnapps solution would require you to obtain an addition amplifier and speaker system in order to work, and that's providing you could find the type of converter box you were looking for.


TBH, I would suggest you buy a small, probably pre-used, TV already manufactured with and an HDMI socket or two, it would be a lot easier to install the Now TV on and possibly cheaper overall.



UK Bob