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Netflix playback choppy

Has anyone else noticed choppy playback when watching the Netflix app? It's tiny but annoying. Every few seconds there's a tiny stutter? Especially bad with panning shots.


Netflix on our ancient ROKU 3500 stick is fine.


Haven't tried our previous NowTV smart box.

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@Anonymous User 

Are you connecting the stick directly into the TV or via an HDMI extension? 


I found the stick is poor in general, but worse when its plugged directly into the TV. 


Worth a shot. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Anonymous User
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Thanks for the reply.


It's actually going in to an HDMI hub and then out to the TV, does this make it twice as less choppy! 🙂


I did think about firing up my old smart box but the processing power of the two devices appears to be the same so not sure I'd see any benefit. Maybe I'll try over the weekend, if I can find a spare power outlet!

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One reason for switching to the stick was that Netflix on the Sony BluRay became really choppy when Netflix introduced new DRM. This week Sony issued an update and the choppiness has completely gone. So now I get wonderful 5.1 with Netflix. So this issue is solvable, especially as the really on ROKU 3500 plays Netflix perfectly.