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NOW device offline error

Since Tuesday my stick keeps delivering a 'Your NOW device is offline' message despite strong WiFi signal and no issues with any other connected devices. These are also interspersed with 'NOW is not available' errors. 


What is going on? I'm paying a premium for F1 content and your service at the moment is unwatchable. 

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@Anonymous User 

Your not the only one to have reported this issue.


All I can suggest is try your phone as a hot spot or set the stick back to factory settings. 


Better yet, replace the stick with an Amazon Fire stick.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Anonymous User
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Thanks for that link. Unfortunately tried all those options minus the hotspot and it’s not preventing the issue reoccurring. 

Would be nice of NOW to let customers know when updates are going to force obsolete their hardware if that’s the root cause here. 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


If you are also seeing "NOW Currently Unavailable" error message on screen , then are you using any third party Ad blocking software on your Router such has Pi-Hole for example or using a BT Home Hub where you may have to change the file sharing option box.

Anonymous User
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Try using the Roku app on your phone and click on ‘connect to device’ This has just fixed the problem for me and I now have my Homescreen back and can view 

I had a blank screen or an error message which wasn’t allowing me to go to settings 


Good luck, hope this helps you 


My device is now showing as offline despite being connected to the internet.......