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Re: NOW TV Boost, no 5.1

I believe the HDMI sound only goes back to the amp if you are using the ARC port on your Samsung TV (HDMI port 2 on mine) but I have all my devices plugged directly into the amp. It would be worth plugging the NowTV stick directly into the amp to see if that helps.
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Re: NOW TV Boost, no 5.1

Hi @DW72, i dont have the stick.. only the app. But your setup sounds like youre using HDMI ARC (audio return channel) and sending 5.1 from tv to reciever. Unless you have 2020 devices that support eARC (enhanced audio return channel) then it only supports audio up to 5.1, and therefore excludes DD + and atmos (the newer sound formats). Maybe try using a ps4 or blu ray player plugged into reciever and then into tv as a test and see if it works? But of a hassle to reconnect i know, but you would isolate the problem at least.

The solution would be to use this config or to buy kit and hdmi that supports eARC.


Hope thst helps anyway.


Re: NOW TV Boost, no 5.1

Have now tried with all sticks connected to Yamaha receiver, and you are right my receiver is also connected to the Samsung by ARC - HDMI 2 on TV. So now Sky+ box, Blu ray player, Firestick and Nowtv stick all go into receiver and then on to TV, all by HDMI leads, but 5.1 still not coming from Nowtv stick. If I set Nowtv stick to DD+ (as suggested in other posts) I get no audio so need to have it set at DD. Amazon Firestick working perfectly though, HD and 5.1. Still think it is a setting in Nowtv stick not correct, but which one I do not know, any more thoughts out there I can try ?

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Re: NOW TV Boost, no 5.1

well, i'd read this entire thread (if you havent) as there are other people with the stick (i have the app on ps4) .


Make sure your reciever is set to auto decode? (Probs not that, i agree its nowtv related probs)


(For the ps4 app) i can browse to 

1) My account

2) Nowtv boost (settings)

3) can then select either stereo or surround sound. (Obvs choose the latter)


I dont get options for DD or DD+

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Re: NOW TV Boost, no 5.1

@DW72 My mate has the stick, and had it working with the following settings: not sure how to browse to these pages but hopefully you can work it out


Audio mode - auto (Dolby D,DTS)

HDMI - (Dolby D,DTS)


HDMI options (looks like separate page)

Dolby D,DTS

Auto detect=yes 

Pcm stereo (maybe they mean a pcm bitstream here)


Hopefully that helps.

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Re: NOW TV Boost, no 5.1

Tried Now TV on my BT YouView box and 5.1 works perfectly. Same setup. 100% sure they changed something on the PS4 app now 🙂 

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Re: NOW TV Boost, no 5.1

I had to go into Boost settings in My Account within the NOW TV app on my PS4 And select surroundsound within the audio option. For some reason it had switched off.

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Re: NOW TV Boost, no 5.1



The solution for me (after much searching, hair pulling and cancelling my Boost pass in frustration) was:

•Make sure you have the surround sound set in the OS

e.g. Audio Mode = (Auto (Dolby D+, DTS))

•Play a video in your NowTV app.
•Press the * key on your remote.

•Change the “Volume Mode” to off.

•Restart the NowTV / Roku device.


It looks like the volume levelling in the app prevents the Surround Sound feature from working in the NowTV app. My Pioneer VSX-933 amp is now seeing input from “Dolby Audio - DD+ 5.1 ch 48kHz”. I hope it works for you.


THIS IS THE ANSWER HERE!!! Thank you @P2i 


For anyone experiencing their stick or box not coming out of STEREO setting despite everything else being set to SURROUND.


The 'NIGHT' and 'LEVELLING' settings on the audio under the asterisk * menu OVERRIDE everything else on the APP and HARDWARE settings and downmix to STEREO as a result.


..... aaaaand RELAX!




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Re: NOW TV Boost, no 5.1

Following up from my previous posts on this thread, where i couldn't get no sound on certain Audio settings via my NowTV box on my soundbase.


It looks like now that i can select Dolby Digital on my NowTV box and get full sound through my soundbase where previously when using the Dolby Digital setting i was getting no sound whatsoever.


When going to the My Account section of the NowTV App on the box  under the Boost Pass it doesn't give any indication anymore if you are in stereo or 5.1 surround sound and just refers you to the playback device Audio settings.


So it seems like NowTV have altered something since the last time i checked back in December.

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Re: NOW TV Boost, no 5.1


After alot of reading the web this is the list I have made to save other peoples time - 


Make sure your HDMI leads are atleast ethernet and ARC compatable grade, 1.3 1.4 or 2.x

Amazon basics range are compatable and work and are £5 for 1m.   Buying more expensive makes no difference to video or audio quality as it all digital signal.  Poundshop ones or ones in the box are not good enough, even the one supplied with my NowTV 4K box was not compatable with ARC or Dolby or DTS.  So use a known HDMI lead that is highspeed ethernet and ARC compatable or 4K compatable.



NowTV Stick or box -

(if not a NowTV or Ruko then your app may not have these options in the app due to not been updated to the latest software version as Sky no longer supporting these other devices)

1) Play a movie or video in NowTV, then press * for options and select Audio mode is off ( not auto limit, not night ).  This has to be off for 5.1 surround to work


2) In the OS, is is the first Home screen upon switich on, goto account, settings, audio.


Now this 2) is the big issue.


a) There is a massive bug in this menu.

You only really have two options that are working options.


Dolby Digital plus


No others will work, they will give Stereo output only, regardless that auto states it has detected Dolby / DTS.  Only "Plus" will give you surround 5.1


For surround Dolby Digital Plus has to be selected here.


and the Auto, it doesn't really matter, so select Dolby / DTS


and the HDMI option to Dolby Digital Plus


3) Now soundbars -

If you have a surround amp, put the Nowtv hdmi into the amp then amp hdmi to tv. 

I find that HDMI optical splitters will only work with 5.1 switch selected and not passthrou and then the Account Bundle " surround" mode will state instead of " stereo" but no sound will output.  But is will say in Bundle options " surround "  this is because it is only putting out Dolby Digital Plus and unless you have a PLUS soundbar (not Atmos either).  Plus will work on nomal Dolby in Dolby's spec, but it seems Sky Nowtv has a massive software glitch bug, I do only if it is a DRM issue knowing Sky and done something to the broadcasted audio that it will only work with Plus and not normal or Atmos as it should work as Dolby specs says they are fully compatable.


4) Big issues to note -

Dolby Digital Plus is fully compatable with normal Dolby Digital and communicate to normal.    But not in NowTV current software as it will give you no sound output.


What this means -

4a) To use this 5.1 audio bundle your with no surround amp or soundbar, you tv needs to be eARC  not ARC, this means only from 2020 televisons supported as these will ONLY have Dolby Digital Plus compatablity.

4b) You surround amp will ONLY pickup Dolby Digital PLUS and not normal Dolby Digital.

4) Soundbars just won't work unless your TV has eARC and Dolby Digital PLUS and your Soundbar has Dolby Digital PLUS




Good HMDI leads

Dolby Digital PLUS compatable equipment - TV, AMP, Sbar.

TV is eARC not ARC compatable

NOWTV box has night mode switched off and audio limiting switched off.  Home OS account settings is set to Audio set to Dolby and not Auto, then HDMI set to Dolby Digital Plus.


I can not get DTS to work and not seen and web posts that anyone else has.  I do not think Sky Nowtv are broadcasting DTS audio signal.


It will not work with normal Dolby Digital, only PLUS, even thou PLUS is compatable with normal, these boxes and sticks have a OS software bug issue.


People are also reporting it will not work with Dolby Amos equipment even thou Amos is compatable with PLUS.


Also notes -

This applies to NowTV boxes and Sticks including Roku versions.


Nowtv Android app smartphone or tablet does not support this surround settings, and does not have the options in the app.  So if you only or mostly use for this then no point getting this bundle, as you won't be getting surround by Dolby Atmos on your headphones or speakers.


Embeded to Smart devices it gets even worse.

Samsung Blu ray players - the app has been removed

Samsung TV - the app may be there or not, if so it will only work if you TV is PLUS compatable.

LG Blu ray players and TVs - completely does not work, nor login, due to LG quit paying  licence fees to Nowtv in 2018.


EE boxes - no dufunct - no software upgrades as EE switching them off in June 2021, the Nowtv app can't even see the surround bundle.


Some people have had some success with BT Youview boxes to certain models televisions.


In all this surround bundle is a complete waste of time buying, I also see no real quality difference in the 720 to 1080 upgrade.


I have the NowTV 4K box....   and NowTV Sky does not even broadcast at 4K,  These boxes can only do 4K on the Youtube and Netflix app. 


Nowtv should, be saying on the box, their 4K stick and box wont do NowTV in 4K as Sky does not broadcast 4K only competatives youtube and netflix will and their apps on this box will do 4K.


Also retailers (aka Currys PCW) need to stop advertising that Smart TVs and blurays work with Now TV, as they do not.  Also LG players no longer works with the Youtube App either.


In all a big con.


If you want Full HD or 4KHD with surround, use Netflix, its even cheaper than Skys NowTV package.




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