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Linking error


I had to restart my nowtv stick due to some common problems. I get to the code part, put the code in and then it just comes up with linking error. Error Regcodeexpired:0.

I press back and it sends me to the wifi page where I connect again and it does the same routine. Any help?

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User


I would try rebooting the power on the Stick and maybe also try a different Internet browser or another device with a browser on it.


The six digit activation code should refresh every 10 or 12 minutes from memory and you must type in the code on the screen within this time limit. 


Also make sure that the code is being typed into the correct NOW website link, where if a UK customer in the middle of the url address there will be gb and if you are based in Republic of Ireland there should be an ie in the url address. 


If using a VPN disable it and also try your smartphone with Internet data instead if you are entering the activation code from within the UK or ROI and still no joy. 


If no luck jump over to NOW live chat.