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Judder when watching on Now Tv Stick

Hi, Don’t know why but my TV prefers 60hz as it is really smooth but the default 50hz for Now Tv produces slight judder in the picture no matter if I watch Now Tv or Netflix on the stick. 


Is is there anyway of me changing 50hz to 60hz on Now tv?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


No solution if you keep using the NowTV stick which outputs video at 50hz.


You will need to look at another nowTV supported device such has a Roku which offers 60hz forced playback.


From my various testing on 50hz and 60hz playback on all my Panasonic Televisions when watching UK broadcasted content such has NowTV, BBC iPlayer etc 50hz is smoother for me on all my TV's where 60hz on UK video content introduces micro judder on panning camera shots or news ticker bars.


Sounds like to me that your Television screen can handle 60hz better than 50hz.


Out of interest what is the make and model number of your television and if you are playing 50hz native content and if your television remote controller offers on screen information on the incoming signal is it displaying 50hz or converting the signal to 60hz on your TV screen ?


Back in the early days, when NowTV brought out their old white and black boxes these devices originally outputted all video at 60hz (inline with the full blown Roku Players in the USA) and a lot of NowTV customers complained about 60hz playback on UK content where micro judder was introduced on their TV screens.


Since NowTV rectified this by forcing 50hz on their boxes and stick, the 60hz micro judder discussion seems to have disappeared on the forum, where the majority of customers find 50hz more watchable over 60hz here in the UK.


So unless NowTV can offer a functionality in the future, like the option of selecting 50hz or 60hz in the menu settings which i don't know if it is possible with their hardware or software then you are stuck with 50hz using their NowTV stick.


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