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Issues connecting via Hotspot

Hi everyone - I'm hoping someone has some pearls of wisdom and can help save me!


For two years I have been connecting my Now TV stick through my iPhone's hotspot (long story, but only internet I have access to).


Last week, I upgraded my iPhone to an 11 and since then, I've not been able to connect my Now TV through my iPhone. 


When scanning for networks, it very rarely picks up any, and if it does pick up my phone, the hotspot name is displayed incorrectly. For instance, my hotspot name is 'anna's iPhone', but it displays as 'anna\xe2\x80\x99s iPhone'.


When I try to connect, it won't, and normally it saves my password automatically for me to try again, but it's no longer doing that.


I've just asked my boyfriend to try his iPhone, and I can connect to that no problem, but that's not a solution, as I have unlimited data to watch the TV, and he doesn't.


I have tried updating both my phone and my NOW stick to make sure they are on the current version, but that doesn't help.


I should also point out that I can connect my laptop to my hotspot with no issues at all.


Can someone offer any advice please?


Many thanks!!



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Scholar 3

Try changing 'anna's iPhone' to 'annas iPhone' and see if it will connect again.

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Hi there


I just tried this, but unfortunately it still won't connect. The name is displaying correctly now though.

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Go to System > Advanced System Settings > Network Connection Reset


After your device restarts; go to Network > Set up connection.


Should work fine.


Tried this just now after upgrading iphones and worked a treat, nice advice 😀