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Is this a scam or real?

Hi all,

Have been a member of NOW TV for a good few years. I have recently received and email offering a free NOW TV stick. The email states it is from NOW TV. You click on the link and it takes you to an order page with your details. I hust need to find out if this a legitimate email or scam please? TIA

Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous User Rest assured, the offer is genuine. The white boxes, which I presume you’re using, will cease to work in a month. As a result, NowTV are offering a replacement stick as a good-will gesture. Don’t worry about giving your card details, as if your offer is for a free stick, you will only be charged a nominal amount of £0. You read that right, nothing. If you are being offered a cut-price stick, then I believe the price is about £10.

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Hi I think I bought white now TV box on first month it was released,back then I even asked sky TV sales if they knew where I could by now white box,they never knew anything about it,so I'm wandering am I still entitled to now TV stick?


@Anonymous User 


Hey GM


Drop 'em an email and find out:

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpgUK Bob