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IP address

My tv remote is broken , I want to pair my phone to use as a remote but cannot find IP address.

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Re: IP address



The free Fing app, available for Android or iOS, will tell you the internal IP addresses of all the devices on your network.


Failing that:-


What make and model of TV?

What make and model of phone?

What app?

How does Now come into this?


In general, you can pair the Roku app with a Now or Roku device that is already configured, but you need the physical remote to start from scratch, or start again after a device reset.


However, I’m not sure if this is what you are asking about?

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Re: IP address

Hi @Fiona 


After i downloaded the free Roku Remote App onto my smartphone, the setup wizard found my NOW branded box & stick.


You must make sure the phone is on the same wifi network has your NOW box / Stick.


There is some help tips in this linked Roku guide. 


If you have accidentally factory reset the Stick, then you will need a physical now smart voice remote.

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