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How much mobile data for NOW TV monthly



I am moving to a place where there will be no broadband fixed internet or satellite TV (in the centre of London)


So I need to get mobile data to watch NOW TV, Catchup Services (BBC, ITV, All4, UKTVPlay, and SkyGO) etc)


I would normally watch TV around 160-200 hours per month, and want advice on how much data I will need for this...


I have read some scare stories that NOW TV uses 1-2 GB PER HOUR - does that mean I will need something like 300GB or more per month?


If I need that much - can anyone recommend a non-contract plan with mobile router/wifi for 4G?


As my rent will drop by £300 per month, I have no problem paying up to £200 or more for mobile data...


thanks for your help


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This article may be useful:

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Do you have access to WiFi anywhere else (work etc)? You could download what you wanted to onto your phone before you get home and watch it data free that way. 


Alternatively, I know you can get a sim only unlimited data plan for £20 a month with giffgaff. The first 9.5gb is normal speed but they do slow down the speed after that’s used up. But if you go on a price comparison site like uSwitch you can filter the best sim-only deals with unlimited data to find a better version. Just make sure you read the download speeds/limits in case there is any hidden details!