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Got now on my phone not tv.

Hello Just wondering if anyone can help me please . I've just signed up to now but I've seemed to have downloaded it to my phone not my television! The telly is telling me to enter the code but I can't anywhere . Now is downloaded on my phone !! Is there a way I can watch it on my tv . 


Kind regards 



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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I am assuming you are trying to setup a NOW Stick on your television.


With the six digit code you see on your television screen go to this link below and type in the code you see on your television screen.


The link is for a UK customer (assuming you are not a Republic of Ireland customer where you need to remove the gb and replace with ie on the link address below).


If the link doesn't work try a different internet browser on your smartphone, Tablet, PC when clicking on the link.