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The shows on the disney+ app are not playing all the way through and loads the next episode after 4 minutes in to the start of the show. I've removed, reinstalled updated etc and nothing seems to work. Only happens on the app on now tv.


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@Kmbm go left on the remote to open the menu, scroll up and highlight your avatar and press enter. Highlight edit profile and press enter. If there's more than one profile using the account, highlight your profile and press enter. Scroll down to "autoplay" and toggle to Off.


Save and exit.

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Legend 5

Hi @Kmbm 


Disney + App on my NOW 4K Smart box seems to be playing fine.


So far i haven't noticed anybody else report this issue from what i can tell on either the Community Forum or over on NOW Twitter.


I am assuming you have tried step 6 in this linked trouble shooting guide ? 


Update the software even if on the same version number.


Should nobody else come across this issue or other NOW Forum members have no other suggestions to try, then maybe get in touch with NOW live chat.