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Cancel sports day pass

How can I possibly cancel a sports day pass my toddler managed to buy when I went to the kitchen even though the TV wasn’t even on! All the help articles say you need to speak to someone and then you just can’t. I can’t afford £10 right before Christmas. It’s so stressful. Please help! 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


You will be surprised how many toddlers manage to buy nowtv passes on people's devices.


Firstly to avoid this happening in the future go to My Account (person symbol if using a smartphone) and under Settings & Pins add a payment Pin to your account.


Then pop over to live chat and explain to them what's happened and ask them for a full refund.


To reach live chat open the link page below and click on the green arrow directly underneath How to Get in Touch, once you see the live chat button on screen click on it to start web chatting to an online nowtv adviser.