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Can't get past Now screen

I just purchased a now TV stick. I've set up for the entertainment package, signed into my WiFi, but it won't go past the Now screen with the heart and doughnuts... I've tried restarting it twice and tried a factory reset. Even moved WiFi hub closer. Not working on phone either. Not sure what else to try.... 

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User

Would have thought a factory reset would have done the trick, by holding the small button on the stick for 6 seconds.

Somebody else on here reported the same issue on their stick and they sorted it out by either switching off the power to the stick or router for 20 minutes.

Can't remember if it was the stick or router (maybe switch them both off) then after 20 minutes switch on the router first let it go through it's boot up procedure and when finished power up the stick.