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Brand new nowtv stick black screen


I have an issue with nowtv where if I use voice control to go to the channel (I am blind so have to use this method) the channel flashes up then the screen goes black. You can go back to the Home Screen or go back to channel list! I have to remove the plug/plug in the nowtv again and it works.


side note. If I go to the channel manually it works fine each and every time. 

has anyone seen this behaviour before. Is it due to a recent update?


I really need voice control to work correctly but not having any luck.


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May I ask where you got this "Brand new nowtv stick?" Because NOW have not been supplying these for some years now. 

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To follow up from @redchiz1 see this thread with multiple posts about NOW branded devices and their best suited replacements.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Olgun 

I didn't tend to use the voice command button on the NOW smart voice remote controller in the past when I used to own a NOW Stick.

From memory the NOW voice remote would find TV shows or movies on it's service if you asked it, but couldn't find actual channels like Sky Showcase, Sky Atlantic etc (unless the voice search algorithm has improved a lot and got better overtime).

Perhaps another forum member who has a NOW Smart voice remote controller can test this out on your behalf and can confirm what can be done or can't be done when using voice search on the remote.

I do have a NOW 4K Smart box which also has the NOW Smart voice remote, but at the moment it is out of commission and not used by myself.

What I would try is going into the Stick Settings and see if there is another software update available.

From the Stick home screen keep pressing the back button on the remote controller (button next to the home button) until there is a hidden side menu on the left hand side of the television screen, then select Settings, then select Systems, then select update software.

Try these above instructions, just in case there is a bug with the NOW voice remote software and voice search does actually now search for channels on the NOW service (which I am not sure about because when I used the voice search a few years ago the search function was very limited and basic).

Because you mentioned you have seeing difficulties, hopefully there is somebody else there in your home who can help getting into the Settings hidden menu on the NOW Stick.