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Boost 5.1 Audio

After the latest software update my NowTv stick will not store audio playback parameters after unplugging, I can set it to auto detect for surround sound but after switching off the power it reverts to stereo and I have to go back in to audio settings and reconfigure, this only happens when using the Now app and works perfectly on other apps. Also the remote now takes around 3 seconds to react after pressing buttons. anyone else having these problems after this latest software update?

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Best to report to staff via live chat. You need to make sure to click "chat online" within the green box, Don't hit "get help quicker" as this is a bot.

Alternatively you can email support with pictures.
customer services @ now tv . uk (ensure no spaces)

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Groundhog 

Just fired up my NOW 4K Smart box and when pressing the signal info button on my TV remote watching NOW it did say Audio PCM where in the past it was saying Dolby D+.

I updated the software in the box Settings and running version 11.5.3 build 4077-68.

All the Audio options in the box Settings are set to Auto.

One thing I noticed on my box was that pressing the star button on the remote the Volume Mode had changed from Off (which I always used in the past) to Leveling.

Set the Volume Mode back to Off.

Since changing the above and going back into the Audio Settings on my box and toggling to the different options back to Auto, the signal is now displaying Dolby D+ again for me when pressing my TV remote signal input information.

I did a power restart and it's still kept Dolby D+ for me.

There is a small lag when navigating around the NOW Home screen and jumping around different page GUI, but it wasn't has bad when the new layout with the gear wheel icon (top right of home screen) when this newer layout was brought out by NOW a couple of months ago.