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Ariel ?

Hi all


Me again! Still no success getting my now tv stick to work! Can i ask what is probably a dumb question?

Does freeview and the now tv stick use/share the same ariel? 

I have all the freeview channels working but not my stick. If i have all freeview channels working then shouldn't i also be able to watch all my things i.e sky movies, sports, netflix, YouTube etc? 

Im reluctant about calling in an ariel engineer and the cost of it if its nothing to do with the ariel after all! Please can someone help as I am at my wits end trying to get my stick to work. 

Many thanks 


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Hi @Anonymous User


You never confirmed the television make and model number that you owned from your other thread.


Did you go into the television menu and play around with anything related to HDMI such has CEC?


It's a shame you never took the Stick to your Mums house where you could have eliminated a few things such has the HDMI on a different television for example. 

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@Anonymous User 

Sorry to jump in, did you say that you’ve tried the laptop in the same HDMI port of the TV? 

If your able to try another device than your stick and it works then it will help determine if it’s problem with the stick.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help