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Are Now TV sticks being discontinued?

No stock on Now TV and no sticks with sports available from Currys anymore.


In light of this, will the 30 second live channel pause be rolled out onto other devices?  

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Hey SB


Apart from having two posts with exactly the same texts posted three minutes apart, seemingly in the same thread/subject, a feat in itself.


Can you explain, what are you on about?



UK Bob


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The hardware used for the Stick is super old. It could do with an update. It struggles with 1080p for any prolonged period.

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Legend 5

@SweetBlitz @Anonymous User 

As a guess because Sky and Now TV being owned by Comcast, who launched Peacock TV in the US last year using the same technology as Now TV and Peacock TV doesn’t have its own dedicated device like Now TV. It’s focus is purely on the app. 

So my thinking is that Comcast are making sure that Now TV follow suit and focusing on the app rather than bringing in its own devices every so often. 

Considering the release of Now TV on Amazon fire sticks which has already proven to be more reliable for Now TV than its own Now TV stick.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help