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Activation of pre-loaded passes

Hi!  I just bought a now tv stick with 3 month entertainment and one day sports pass supposedly pre-loaded.  My partner set up my account on the tv while I did the online part.  Now either he missed the bit where it asked you to set up the free passes or it  just wasn’t there.  How on earth would I be able to set them up retrospectively, surely this is possible, because if I have missed them and have lost them I ain’t gonna be a happy bunny!   Surely if they are preloaded you shouldn’t lose them because you missed something during set up? Please help - thanks!  

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Lots of us having the same problem, seems to be a glitch. Only way to resolve seems to be by using Live Chat but that is easier said than done.




Is this still as issue, bought a new TV stick today and can't see / find the pre loaded items (1 month free for cinema and entertainment) ?