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Activating Now TV Stick - 'Oops somthing went wrong'



I signed up for a Now TV free trial, and liked the content so I decided to buy a Now TV stick so I could watch on my TV. The stick I bough comes pre-loaded with some passes. 


When I try to activate the stick I get to the 6 digit code on my TV. When I input this to the Now TV website, it recognises my Now TV account then says 'Oops something went wrong at our end;.


I've spent hours on with Live Chat and tried all sorts of suggestions including using a different browser, using a different computer, clearing cookies, re-setting my wifi, re-setting the stick, using browser's incognito mode, but nothing will work. 


I've been in email  correspondence with Now TV over the last few days. Their responses are rather incoherent but seem to be saying that other customers are having the same problem, it's with their technical team but they cannot tell me when (or even if) it will be fixed. I can also see other posts in this forum, but none of them seem to report a satisfactory solution.


Now TV keep reminding me I can use other devices; I remind them that viewing TV on a laptop screen hardly makes for ideal family viewing, and that if I wanted to use other devices then I would not have spent good money on a TV Stick!


My Theory

My Now TV account is currently using a free seven day Entertainment trial. On the Passes and Vouchers screen, there is no green 'Apply a voucher' link under Entertainment pass. All the other passes have this link available. The Now TV stick includes a 1 month Entertainment Pass. The system is unable to apply this pass to my account due to the presence of the free trial, and is therefore unable to proceed. 


My Questions

Given Now TV's inability to assist, I am asking the forum if anyone has ever successfully overcome this problem, and if so how?


Is my theory above likely to be correct? If so, is the problem likely to resolve its self at the weekend when the free entertainment pass expires? Or is my theory a load of nonsense?


Alternatively, is it possible to buy sticks without pre-loaded passes (I gather some people receive paper passes with a code to input) - would success be more likely with one of these sticks and where can I buy one from?


It's very frustrating - I just want to watch TV on my TV!


If anyone has any ideas, I'd be really grateful. 





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Today 2 NowTV boxes and my NowTV stick are unable to access content via the NowTV app... the boxes and stick are working as I can access other apps, but with NowTV it doesn’t recognise my account details and when I try to sign in it says oops something went wrong... I’ve tried resetting to factory settings, re-entering login details etc. But it’s just says oops something went wrong.  Looking at downdetector it seems as though there are a lot of similar cases... what are NowTV doing to fix this? 

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Still got this issue.

Still get message oops etc etc


Here's  serial no of NEW STICK


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Hi simon


Still no fix.

Sent previous reply with stick sn

People saying delete account start again.

This cant be right

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Still not working .Bought new nowtv stick. Cant get voucher code working.

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On waiting for someone called simon to reply.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous User ,


I belive you have a case open with us? someone should contact you there (via email) to update you ASAP.





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But nothing yet.

Still waiting still no TV

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No reply yet
Getting really fed up now.
Tv stick not working
Fab fibre now sucks
No broadband tech test available
Tempted to just jack the lot now.

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I have this problem too. 
I have contacted the online support twice and told I would be contacted via email over 6 weeks ago now. This still hasn’t happened. I have also signed up for broadband but if this is the current customer service I feel I may just cancel it. It’s a joke. 
disgraceful that no one has made any contact with me to resolve this. 

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@Anonymous User

Only thing I can suggest is as I have done above, use a new email.. Not ideal but then when all this covid is sorted and there back open properly you'll be able to contact them to try get it to one account..

Also I've been with them 4/5 months for broadband and haven't yet had a problem with it only problem I've had is with the stick not connecting to my account x