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NOW TV Smart Box Help

    What is the NOW TV Smart Box? The NOW TV Smart Box turns your TV into a smart TV, and is a great way for you to get Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment and Freeview channels with no contract.   What’s the difference between the NOW TV Box a...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Freeview retune alerts

Hello everybody   This is just a heads up to make people aware that from February 2018 more Freeview retunes are happening.   The day in which you will have to conduct a retune will differ depending on your geographical location. Please see the artic...

Resolved! load fan on new now tv smart box

hi i was wondering if its a fault or just the box but when my smart box has been active for some time a fan kicks in but its very very load anyone else have this problem

Resolved! My TV - Recently Watched

Is there any way of removing or editing the items listed in the "Recently watched" section of "My TV" on the Smart Box?The list just seems to keep growing and growing!  Or will the items eventually time-expire automatically? 

Just got the new Now TV Smart Box

Everything seems great so far, currently using the Entertainment Pass. Trouble is, the box basically reboots itself every 5 minutes while I'm watching something. The screen will just freeze, then it'll take between 5 and 120 seconds to come back on. ...

Resolved! problems with digital tv signal

after using my now tv box successfully,my digital tv signal is scrambled and i cant use my feeview box. i have disconneced my now  tv box. it is not an aeriel problem. any ideas ?

Auto renew

I cant get programmes on my now box as it says I havent the passes required however I have auto renew payment for the passes required then via email asking the question reply also said I did not have the passes and would have to purchase Why? am usin...


Can someone please help I want to completely cancel/delete my account for Now TV. I set up an account with Now TV but today I got a Now TV Smart Box instead as I wanted the Freeview channels too but I now needs Coaxial Cable and a Ariel I have no ide...

Sound Issues

Does anyone else have terrible sound on the Freeview tuner ?  The NowTV apps seem to handle the sound ok. The Spotify App however is awfull. I've messed with the sound settings on the box and the TV but no improvement. Swapped HDMI leads, etc Anyone ...