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Demand 5 vs My 5 on Now tv Smart box

Hi, hoping someone can help.

i've been utterly unable to find X-Files on catchup on the Demand 5 app on now tv smart box.

I've can see the episodes on the My 5 app on my tablet and my samsung tv.

I've looked in now tv app store, there's no My 5, only Demand 5.


is this correct?

is there only a really out of date Demand 5 app available, and not My5????


and why are certain series available on My5 and not Demand 5?

what on earth is the difference between to the 2 apps?


thanks and regards,

Anonymous User
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My 5 app wasn't working fully yesterday 15th, clicked on shows only to get spinning wheel for lots of shows. A few worked like Police Interceptors.

Today, 16th all works fine with all shows loading up very quickly.

Nice app too.