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Bad sound on Spotify

Was wondering if anyone else is experiencing extremely bad audio quality with the Spotify channel on NowTV Smart Box/Roku 4? It's like its distorted no matter what volume level its at. I have it connected to a surround receiver and have tried both HDMI and optical connections and the audio is still terrible. I have done all troubleshooting possible including swapping out cables, using different input ports, turning off all music enhancements on the receiver and using all sound modes, including the best one which is "none" and the audio still sounds terrible.

I have no coding experience but could it be specific to the app or could the NowTV just have really poor audio quality that's really highlighted by music and an external receiver? Although it still sounds bad on the TV speakers. TV channels sound ok.
I have heard mixed stories of who wrote and supports the Spotify channel, and it certainly is old looking and in desperate need of an update, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

The Spotify app on Chromecast sounds much better on the TV speakers but I can't connect that to my amp.
I read the same problem was noted on the US Roku 4, but an update seemed to sort it out.
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Thanks for that, I hadn't thought of using the Chromecast Audio dangle. That sounds like my solution.
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@Anonymous User


Don't know if this has changed recently, haven't used Chromecast for a while now ?


Unless the rule has changed, just one thing to bear in mind with the Chromecast Audio that you need to be a paid Spotify customer to use the Spotify app.


Where the Chromecast Video dongle you can use both the Spotify Free version with the adverts (reduced streaming quality) or the Spotify paid version with non adverts and better sound streaming quality.


Just something to consider if you every decide to drop the Spotify subscription paid service to the free Spotify service in the future.


The Chromecast Audio works on a audio type connection to your sound device where the Chromecast Video works on an HDMI connection.