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Re: New Help homepage - Feedback Wanted!


The UI has been absouetly fine on all my devices. 


iPad, works like a charm

Amazon Fires tick 4K works smoothly

Sony Android TV, zero complaints. 


The only devices I have heard about the UI being slow is on older devices like the NOW stick and older Roku sticks. 


What you have to bare in mind is Comcast owns Sky, who has launched Peacock TV in the US. Which has a very similar layout and branding to NOW. My guess is that they want to somehow "launch" Peacock in the UK, and NOW is that platform what they are going to use it for.


Re: New Help homepage - Feedback Wanted!

@gavs82008 @Harry77 @NeedhelpNOW @RoyB 


I have a Google Chromcast And It Very easy to put now tv on that,

It can be done in under five minutes and no buffer also.


Few ways you can put now tv as well as apple and all the local players bbc itv C4 more4 plex 


The Google chromcast is the same as a play store on your phone.


NOW TV on Chromecast with Google TV


[1] Navigate to Search option on the Home screen.


[2] Search for Downloader or type it in or use the voice remote.


3] Install the app and click on Open to launch the app


4] Enter the URL: in the URL field.


[5] Click on Go to start downloading the app


6] On the downloading page, click the Download APK option.


[7] After downloading the file, Install the Now TV app.


Note: To install the app, you need to Turn On the Unknown source toggle from the settings


That's it all done 





Re: New Help homepage - Feedback Wanted!

Hi I need to disagree with you am afraid 


I have used a Google TV chromcast and you can down load every channel you can probably think of... As well as Google own apps, TV show movies, hbo, netflix, apple TV now tv, plex all sorts.


If you have now tv on you laptop or phone as long as they are both on the same network you press the cast button so that easy as well,

If you didn't want to go thought the apps etc.


You can cast your phone over to the Google chromcast and use the big screen it always has the ever popular and better month by month Stadia Games you can use plus like the play store you just go to the same play store your already logged on to and instead off using the apps onn the phone just use the chromcast remote Bluetooth and voice activation also..


Link for you this is just what you get on the chromcast for Google not any other apps you can have on there this is a tiny chunk of it


END of the day we all have our favourites so it's down to the individual 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Re: New Help homepage - Feedback Wanted!


Like you said it’s down to personal preference.


However on both my Sony Bravia Android TV and Amazon Fire stick I have HBO Max, Peacock TV, Paramount+ and Hulu, as well as all UK apps like iPlayer, All4, ITV, My5, NOW, BT sport and every single app installed works absolutely fine. 
The workarounds are there for those who want to use it.

Also the NOW app is available on Amazon fire sticks and Sony Bravia Android TVs, so I’m sorted. 

Nothing against a Chromecast devices, I just prefer Amazon Fire sticks for travelling and my Sony Bravia Android TV for home use.  

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Re: New Help homepage - Feedback Wanted!

@gavs82008  @NHS-ICU-NURSE 





I too have a chromecast device but, being a simple kinda guy and easily pleased, I use mine to play my digital albums, which works out fine especially when I am also sipping a cool alcoholic beverage.


Yeah, personal choice RULES.



UK Bob


PS. Like right now.