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Re: Feedback on an Ideas Board



You have that now, on the BBC iPlayer, itv hub, All4 and My5 apps respectively on a NowTV Stick.


Thats the best you are going to get from anyone, without either Freeview or Freesat.


NowTV did, briefly, make a box with Freeview on it, but it didn’t prosper, not least because NowTV Sticks are designed to go into a TV anyway, and most of those have Freeview or Freesat connected anyway.


Outside of the Stick, the NowTV app just offers the Sky channels, which is all it can offer; the apps that give the 5 channels you want (plus all the other channels those broadcasters offer) are separate apps that the devices with the NowTV app on it may or may not provide.


But a completely seamless service, like Freeview but over the internet, will have to wait until Arqiva offer us FreeNet, or whatever they might call such a service.

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