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Activity in NOW Broadband (Archived)

Garbage service

I’m not long out of a nightmare contract with talktalk and have had the misfortune to sign on with this shower of ;#%^.since day one (4 months ago)I’ve lived with problem after problem culminating in tonight not having extra channels what I’m paying ...

LG smart TV brought from Australia to UK

Hi,I have recently moved in to UK from Australia bringing with me my smart LG TV. I went to Currys PC today to ask about how to run UK tele on my Australian LG without broadband, and they assured me that I can do it with the Now TV setting box. Howev...

New box

Hi we bought a new box for our parents with a three month sky cinema pass films and cannot get it to work without a credit card


my boradband keeps dropping at certain times of the day it keeps saying that it something to do with wiring had enginerr out twice now coiuld you please get it fixed its rather annoying

Broadband Buddy

I haven't got the option to change my settings on the Broadband Buddy. It only gives me the option for the tv parental settings. Am i missing something? Help please!

no signal

Hi Whilst I enjoying paying alot less than I was paying Sky and BT.  It comes with a catch.  Our signal is rubbish.  The black box for tv has to be switched off and back on again at least every two days sometimes more.  The broadband signal is so slo...

Getting started

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