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cancelled both my passes and my nowtv not working properly

basically I cancelled my nowtv passes now my boxs are not working properly an am getting no good use out of the £30 I have spent on the bloody thing I am so mad with this company no real help but they are quick to take the money since I have cancelled it I have done all the recommendation on the make the boxs work better turning it off an ect but nothing seem to be working none of the apps like Itv player etc since cancelling the passes so I decided I wanted the passes back on an now its not allowing me to apply for them I update the personal details on the system but yet still nothing anyone help are even a employee that can get this issue sort getting alittle p*ss off

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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for your post.


Sorry to hear that. I'll email you shortly to ask few questions about your issue. Please keep an eye on your email inbox.




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i have a similar question to the subject above


i thought because it didn't make it clear on the box that I bought that the passes were a add on aspect but from my observation now it seems that you have to subscribe to a pass otherwise the other features of box eg...bbciplayer etc will not work


The box said no contract


i don't want a pass of any sort I just want to use iplayer, etc on the box through my tv


please can you tell me what is going on



many thanks



kevin smith



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Hi Kevin


I, like you, have a Now TV box with no contract and I can play/watch BBC's iplayer, 5OD, 4 and News channels such as Fox, BBC, Sky, etc.


At this moment, I am playing my old music CD/Albums via my Now TV box all without paying anyone anything else other than the initial cost of buying the box itself.


Therefore, cancelling your subscriptions does not prevent you from using your new smart Now TV box.



UK Bob


PS. If you cancelled/deleted your credit card details then that could prevent your Now TV box from working.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous User,


As @ukbobboy has said, if you sign up for a trial but then choose to cancel even straight away you'll still be able to use all the 3rd party apps.