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⚠️ Blue screen on your box / stick

We're aware of an issue where some customers are the screen flash blue for a short period on their box / stick. Our teams are working hard to get to the bottom of this.   To help our teams with the investigation can we ask you to reply to this topic ...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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NOW TV Box Help (black)

We've compiled some of the top questions that you might ask about the new NOW TV Box.   Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all.   Introduction to the NOW TV Box   NOW TV Box Setup and Troubleshooting   NOW TV Box ...

Not working!

Hi I received my now broadband box is come but it only uets me connect to mobile devices not laptops or Nintendo switches. Please HELP! 

No thumbnails show

I have the black now tv box. Just recently a problem has started in which when I first go onto the box, movies (for example) will have no thumbnails showing. The problem can be overcome by disconnecting the box from the power supply and reconnecting ...


Hi turn tv on and thumbnail that shows you  stations disappeared from screen how do I get it back to watch nowtv 

Re: Sky Accessories?! For NOW TV

Ok, so I have had the worst customer experience ever and still no conclusion! Ordered a replacement NOW TV remote from the sky accessories ( website in December and it never arrived.Rang sky (as there is NO contact phone number or...

Black Roku box menu gone

Hi, it's worked OK for years until tonight. Now the normal menu system has gone and the screen is full of Icons that I fing horribly confusing. How do I get back to the old menu system? Preferably without resetting my box as I'm sure I'll not get bac...


cant cancel pass as it is not showing in my passess

Stopping card payments when I can't sign in or watch now tv

The sign in part of the now box does not recognise my correct user name and password.On going to the help page I am asked to enter my credit card details which you alreadyhold. my bank staement shows a debit of £9.99. I am paying for a service which ...

Resolved! blank screen

Once I've set the TV to HDM1 the next step is pressing OK or Home on the NowTV remote and usually I get something on the screen but not today.  The screen remains blank. I've changed the batteries and the internet is working too.

Resolved! the use of shop bought weekly passes

I have just started to use "now tv" for the sport. I bought in Currys (uk) a weekly pass for £10 (that's £5 cheaper than buying online). Once that week is up i no longer want to renew (the prem season will be over). Will "now tv" automatically renew ...