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Switching off black box

I have a black box and i would like to know if there any way to switch off the box instead of waiting 4 hours to be auto switch off.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I am not aware of any other way except pull the plug out on your box or look at a mains adapter switching plug with a remote controller that you can power the box on or off from your sofa.


Or if your TV supports a USB 5V 1A port and the port drops power when the television is in standby mode, then maybe consider the NowTV Stick.


Though i prefer the NowTV boxes personally myself (apart from the white box) over the Stick.

Anonymous User
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Thanks for the alternative. I think my TV haven't that feature, as the Chromecast is on 24/7. Shame they don't include a manual power off, would be enough by adding just a button to the remote.


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Well Pokora


This is what I use to switch my Black Box off, when not in use, and on , when I want to use it.


Switchable Mains Extension Lead.jpg


There's a two socket version of this mains extension as well.



UK Bob

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Thanks to your idea I am going to opt for a smart plug and I can switch off all the stand by appliances from the phone.