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Remote issues with changing network

Hi, I’ve got a new wifi broadband box (old one stopped working so can’t use that to fix now tv) and my now tv box obviously needs changing networks to work. However, my remote won’t work but it’s got the green flashing light and I can’t use the app on my phone because the box and phone aren’t connected to the same wifi network. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance X

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I am assuming you have a new replacement wifi Router ?


Have you still got the old Router ?


If so what happens if you go into the new Router settings and change the SSID name and password used your previous router and use these two previous ID details on your new Router to see if the box and smart remote / Roku App on your phone then connects over wifi ?


Don't know if the above will work because i have never tried it myself and my IT Networking Knowledge is not great to be honest and the above might not be technically possible.


Also i am assuming you have the newer NowTV box with the smart voice remote controller (because you mention the flashing green light underneath the battery compartment of the remote) and if so if the above doesn't work, then factory reset your box by holding the small reset button underneath the NowTV box for about 20 to 30 seconds to see if the Lets Get Started Message appears on your television screen.


Then see if you can setup the NowTV box from scratch.


Should you be using the newer NowTV box and still no joy connecting to your new Router, then maybe get a replacement box and remote hopefully under warranty to connect to your new Router.