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Random Box Reboot

For each of the last three evenings, my NOW TV Box (black with pink logo), has rebooted itself in the middle of me watching a Netflix show.  First the show goes, then the picture freezes then the box just restarts and loads back to the main NOW TV screen.


It is happening exactly 23 hours apart.  So happened at 10:45pm on Tuesday, 9:45pm on Wednesday and 8:45pm last night.


I can find nothing in the settings or anywhere else to suggest why it does this.


When I first started using NOW TV after moving house, I found it great, and what it offers is great. But the reliability of the box is beginning to annoy me now and my love for NOW TV Is waning.


It is a much much cheaper prospect than Sky itself, so I'd rather these issues were ironed out.


I don't think it's a Netflix issue because the whole NOW TV box reboots.


Anyone else experience these issues?






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Hi @Anonymous User 


I have the exact same NowTV 4K box and no problems my end where the box is running most evenings either watching NowTV or Netflix.


I am assuming it's not a dip in your electrical power supply in your home or something on your Router ?


Maybe try a forced software update on your box.


This updates your software, fixing any faults in the process.

  • Start by pressing your NOW TV remote control buttons in this order:

Home x5
Fast Forward x3
Rewind x2

  • Select the Update Software option that appears on the next screen.
  • Press OK, even if you already have the latest version. 
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Thanks @schnapps , maybe I will give that a go.

This has continued to happen all week after exactly 23 hours. Today it rebooted just after 5:45pm.  It's ridiculous and very very odd

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UPDATE: My box already had the most up to date software but I applied the change anyway.  I guess I won't know if it has worked until 4:45pm or so tomorrow when it will be due for the reboots I have been experiencing.


It is far too regular for this to just be intermittent drops in internet. It's always exactly 23 hours after the last reboot.


i could be off target but with the clocks going back an hour last week it may be worth checking the time settings in the system menu. make sure time zone is uk and is to set automatically.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't think it's software related, because you would expect more forum members reporting it on here and you seem to be the first with regards to a fixed time interval of 23 hours.


I have seen some people mention 30 minutes or 4 Hours (where the 4 hours would be the Bandwidth Saver setting on the box, where i have disabled this setting on my NowTV 4K box and other NowTV & Roku devices).


No harm in updating the software even if you are on the same version number, just in case the current software is corrupted somehow.


I would also be tempted to factory reset your Router, just in case there is something on the Router that is possibly causing it (if not electrical mains or some sort of electrical or radio interference).


Also would you be able to test the NowTV Box on a different TV and ring mains circuit in your home ?