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Power connector specifications



I would like to know the dimensions of the female 12V 2A power inlet on the NOW TV black box (e.g. is it 4.8mm x 1.7mm), because I would like to extend the cable from the wall power outlet, which is too far away from the Openreach box. I would like to try this way by buying the appropriate extension cable, as it seems more practical than the usual power extension lead which has a wider cable and would bulge more under the carpet.


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I’m confused.


Why does where the Openreach box is impact on where the black box is to be powered from?


My OpenReach box only links to my router; that sends by WiFi to my black box, where the only power cable length consideration is that the box is sufficiently near the TV it is playing on for the HDMI cable to reach. Which is easily solved by an adapter or extension strip on the same power socket that the TV uses.


Or is this an Ethernet cable thing, which is quite a different matter?

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Hello, thanks for your response.


The Openreach box, the box that brings the broadband signal into the house, and has the socket to plug in the grey cable from the NOW TV router, is located at the door. There is no 220V wall power socket sufficiently close enough, to plug in the power supply for the NOWTV router into.  The combined cable length is too short. (router power supply + grey cable leading from the NOWTV router to the Openreach box). 

I want to use something like this


That would enable me to extend the router's power supply cable, from the point where I can plug it in into the 220V wall socket, to reach the NOW TV router and to supply the power to it. 


 I'm would like to avoid using the 220V cable lead. I need to know the technical specifications of the power connector on the NOW TV router, where normally you would connect in the power cable, so I can buy an appropriate extension cable, like the one given as an example.



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Maybe the confusion comes from my inaccurate description, as far as I know, the router that I got from the NOW TV, is black  -  is the router called "black box" or is it a different product? In that case, I apologize.

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I am having the same problem with the lead on my power supply being too short.  Did you manage to solve your problem and if so could you please let me know which extension you purchased?

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Why not just get a longer rj11 cable and move the router? Cheaper, longer, no joints and you can buy flat ones that you won't notice under carpet.