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Picture Quality Varies

When the Now Tv stick was introduced an update was made which in my case resulted in the coloured globes appearing briefly whilst navigating the black box, although the programmes played fine.


I believe there was a further update in late March,early April  that made the Now box assume it was capable of 1080 resolution when I know that it isn't, and reverted the setting to 720. There is also now a facility to check the connection. Sometimes it says everything is fine and on other occasions for unknown reasons it shows a page indicating the signal is weak and viewing certain parts of Now Tv may be a problem if I continue watching.


For a few days now when viewing programmes I sometimes get degraded picture quality similar to a low resolution you tube video, then the normal  picture quality fades back in and out, sometimes about 5 times during a film.


I cannot explain the changes in quality although my internet speed has dropped in recent days from a steady 7.5mps to about 6.5mps.


I have today changed the Now box for another that I had spare,changed to a wired connection and disabled wireless from my router settings.


I was wondering if other people have experienced viewing problems in recent days with the black box ?



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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User


A 6.5 mbps download speed should be plenty sufficient, especially if you are now using an Ethernet cable between your nowtv box and router.


The only thing i could suggest is try the steps in this trouble shooting guide.


Just wondering who is your ISP ?