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Now tv box error

Hi there,


Having issues with my 2 now tv black boxes.


Can't afford internet at the moment so been using a bt wifi hotspot for a while now with no issues.


2 days ago both boxes now having issues connecting to the hotspot but other devices in the house connect with no issues.


I tried doing all sorts from advice on one of the boxes and now it's worse than ever


I've turned boxes off and on again, reset using the small pin on the back of the box and tried turning off and on at the wall. I've also done a network connection reset and none of these have worked.


I decided to do a factory reset yesterday and now it's worse than ever and not loading at all now. 


At first it bought up a welcome screen to set up but now thats disappeared it's just a blue screen with now tv in the corner. Brings up error 003 for updating the box or setting up connection. If I click set up connection it doesn't bring anything else up just this blank screen. I've tried turning it off and on again and changing HDMI ports and leads just in case and now all I get is this blank screem and the box is flashing all the time. Now I can't set up the internet or do anything it's just stuck on this one screen and has been for 2 days even after unplugging it and plugging it all in again from scratch. 


I'm at my wits end and don't know what else to do. Now both boxes aren't working. One worse than the other. Paying for 2 packages and now the boxes won't work.


What can I do?


@Anonymous User 


Hi Tink


I must admit, I've not heard of Now TV streaming devices working with wi-fi hot spots before and I'm inclined to believe that an update has killed that facility on your black boxes, it's just something Now TV likes to do with unsupported facilities. 


However, if I am wrong and wi-fi hot spots are supported then you will need to contact NowTV help by doing the following:


Just click the arrow in a blue circle and the following will appear:


Now TV's Live Chat 02.JPG


You will then be able to contact Now TV's online help, explain your problem to them and they should be able to sort you out.



UK Bob

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@ukbobboy thanks for the help. I will chat to them now and hopefully they can sort this issues