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No Signal And HDMI problem


Since 3pm Tuesday (it's 10.30am Weds) I have had no TV signal at home; I can' tget through to anyone on live chat and when I finally got someone on the phone, they were broadband dept and said they couldn't help but that he would credit my account with a new box.

Slightly confused, I am still left with no TV service and don't know what is happening about the credit for a new box.

I have a black Now TV box with reset button on the bottom (which I have tried).  I have tried new HDMI lead, and unplugging compeltely and replugging, I have rebooted the router, etc.  The box has a purple light on the front that is continuous, every now and the flashes as if trying to find wifi, then goes back to solid purple.  Can anyone help?  Thanks

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Hi @Anonymous User

Sounds like you have the nowtv smart box and when you pressed the micro reset button on the bottom of the box did you hold it in for about for about 15 to 20 seconds until the nowtv let's get started message shows on screen ?

Have you get a second TV in the house, just too temporary hook up the box to see if it displays the same symptoms ?