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No 5.1 Surround sound with Now TV Boost

I cannot get any Now content 5.1 surround sound to work on any Now tv content from the older black Now TV box.  It's driving me potty!


I have :

  • An active Now TV Boost with cinema, entertainment and sport  (through BT VIP)
  • An older now tv black box
  • The now tv box connected to a Sony DN1080 AV Receiver that supports Dolby Digital Plus

I have configured as follows :

  • settings->audio->audio mode->"Auto (DD+)"
  • settings->audio->HDMI->"Dolby Digital Plus"

I've rebooted, factory reset, logged out, logged in, tried every setting in "settings->audio" and pulled my hair out.  Whatever happens, whatever I select, when I play Now tv content that is marked as 5.1,  only "linear PCM Stereo" is played through my AV receiver.   Everything else played through the receiver plays fine including other Dolby Digital Plus content.


Bizarrely, if I play 5.1 content through the Netflix app on the now tv box, 5.1 surround sound works perfectly (and it is Dolby Digital Plus just like the Now tv content) !!! 

So, the box is capable of sending Dolby Digital Plus content, it just won't do it for Now content (sky cinema or sky entertainment).  Has anyone any ideas how I can get this working?


Many thanks

Anonymous User
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Hi, I know this thread is a little old. However, I am also having an issue but only on one device. 

I have a Roku 4k streaming stick and up until recently has been outputting 5.1 sound as it should. However, now it’s not and I only get stereo. All other apps work as they should and output just fine. It’s just the now tv app that has stopped outputting 5.1. All other aspects of boost on their is fine. Eg, 50fps on sport and 1080p. 

I’m on latest roku and now tv app on roku (although the app seems to be an older version on roku than it is on firestick and Samsung). 

roku version is 10.0. 

anyone else having 5.1 issues with now tv on roku currently? 

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@Anonymous User yes and a thread was started the other day although, so far, it's only 3 users having the same problem.


Not a major issue to me as I have other means of watching Now with 5.1 but if it's your only device I understand the frustration.


As a suggestion you could contact


customerservices @ (ensuring no spaces) 


to see if you get a suitable response. Alternatively @Simon-J do you know if the tech team are aware of Roku devices not currently having 5.1 surround sound working?



@schnapps   Many many thanks for your help. It really is appreciated.


That is interesting results, and it all points to a strange problem with my account.  I've raised a ticket with the Now support people.  I'll see if they come back with anything.  

Meanwhile I'll keep trying.  Thanks again @schnapps for confirming that it can/should work on the Roku express

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Legend 5


Might not be ideal, but do you have another supported device that you can test for 5.1?


You’ll need any of these devices to enjoy all the features of Boost:

  • NOW Smart Stick
  • Any NOW Box
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd & 3rd Gen, 4K, Lite & Basic Edition)
  • Roku Express or Roku Streaming Stick
  • A supported Samsung TV
  • Sony TV (most models from 2016)
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One (50fps not currently available)
  • Xbox Series X & S (50fps not currently available)
  • Apple TV HD (gen 4) or 4K (Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound not supported on Apple TV)
  • YouView (including TalkTalk & BT boxes)
  • LG Web OS TV (50fps not currently available)
  • JVC Fire TV Edition Smart 4K TV
  • Chromecast Ultra or 3rd generation (note that 1st and 2nd generation Chromecast devices are not supported. See the image below if you're not sure what generation your Chromecast is.)
FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

H @gavs82008  thanks for your reply


Yes, in a different room, I have a sony tv and a BT youview box. 5.1 surround sound works on both of these.  It's only on this old black now tv box, that is a supported device, connected to my surround sound amp that 5.1 surround sound does not work. 

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Legend 5


Ah cool, at least you know Boost works as expected on your other devices!


What TV is the old BOW box connected to? Shall I assume its not a supported device for NOW?


If you are keen to keep using NOW on the TV in some shape of form, and knowing that you have performed factory resets on the box. Perhaps its the unfortunate sign that it is on the way out?

You could always purchase an Amazon Fire Stick if you are happy to splash a little cash?


This of course after exchausting further options mentioned by @schnapps 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help