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Network Channel - How to Change or Disable

I have a Now TV Box (Black) that I use via the Ethernet connection (Wired).  However the box has a hidden Wifi signal that is using Channel 36.     


A far as I am aware I am not using this, so  I would prefer it to be turned off or if that is not possible move it out of channel 36 to avoid Channel Crowding .   The Mac Address ends :1c for the Wireless Connection


I can't see any options in the Now TV Settings to do this  - only option is to select Wired or Wireless.  So if I am Wired why is the Wireless still active?


There appears to be no web interface on the on the IP Address, so is it possible to turn off or move channel ?  or is it hard coded and always on?


I guess this is hard coded, fixed and always on ?