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My preloaded Now TV passes do not show on my box / account - black / pink smart box issue

Hello everyone, I have recently purchased a black (with pink) smart box via third party seller, and it clearly stated that it comes preloaded with 4 Now TV passes being 1 month cinema, entertainment, kids and 1 day sports. When I did the initial setup, the setting up of the box went fine. It's the access of these preloaded passes I am having an issue with.


Here is a brief history of my Now TV situation, I am a current user who had the white box version for the last 5 or 6 years. As you are aware the white box is now redundant. Therefore I had to upgrade to either the stick or the black smart box. I chose the black smart box because I wanted to use ethernet connection. Finally I am using current user login details and did not setup brand new user account...


I would be deeply grateful for your help, especially if Now TV can give me a direct means of making contact to resolve this issue...

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Hi @Anonymous User 


You are not alone with this issue when redeeming the electronic vouchers off the new NowTV Box or Stick.


Quite a few forum members have reported this over the course of the year.


You will need to contact NowTV live chat about it (here's a link below where you can find the green chat button to click on to reach a NowTV web chat Adviser). 


@schnapps  @Anonymous User 


Hi Ruf


Just one thing pops into my mind about your situation, you said "I have recently purchased a black (with pink) smart box via third party seller...".  Was that a Now TV approved seller?


The reason I ask because depending on the answer you give will determine the level of help you get from Now TV, i.e. from none to full support. 



UK Bob


PS.  My post is purely for your consideration and does not need a reply. 

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I just want to thank ukbob for his guidance of how to raise a complaint with Now TV in regards to this issue. Once Now TV received my complaint, they were fantastic in resolving my issue, as I had to email proof that I made a purchase of the Smart box by attaching a picture of bar code with additional data (serial number etc) that is printed on the original packaging box. Once Now TV saw that I genuinely purchased this item, they sent me individual codes of the different types of passes with expiry dates...


I just want to thank Now TV in resolving this issue...

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I also want to thank schnapps for his help in regards to this matter...


I wish you all well...




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thanks, I contacted them this morning after trying to find where my pass was last night for 2hrs.

They have sent me codes and all sorted now.