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Manual Internet Settings Option


I've just purchased a NowTV (Black) box. Setting up any device with my internet is tricky as they always try to default to the wrong gateway. (We have an old BTHomeHub2 and a seperate modem and they try to go straight to the modem - this doesn't work.) Hence I need to find a way to access manual settings for the wifi setup. Please can you tell me how to get to them. I can then give it an IP address and tell it the gateway is rather than


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I've now also tried setup with an ethernet cable directly connected to the box. On the previous setup it reports back error code 14. On this one I get error code 13. All the other devices are working as usual on my network - I'm sending this message off of my laptop. However as mentioned above to get any device to work I always have to enter some manual settings. I haven't found how to access these on the NowTV box. I would like to input the settings as:

IP: (or similar - I'll need to check on the router which IPs I'm currently using)
Subnet Mask:



If I don't enter settings manually the old BTHomeHub2 is ignored and it defaults to the gateway of the modem ( but devices can't access this directly. (It causes me a few issues everytime we have to add a new device to the system.) We are on BT Infinity internet.


EDIT: Corrected a couple of spelling mistakes that were annoying me.

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I've also tried disabling network pings using the secret menu.

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Fast forward
Fast forward

This doesn't have an effect when trying to connect via the wifi or via a direct ethernet cable.

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When using it upstairs on the platform secret screen I am seeing:

Temperature: N/A
IP: via SSID: BTHomeHub2-2T2S
Wi-Fi: Ch: 6, N: -86/-87/-88 (changing between these values)
RSSI: -29/-30/-31 (it is changing between these values)
SNR: 49-58 (range covering - mainly around 55/56)
The green bar is around the midway point between 1/2 and 3/4 full. (5/8ths ish) 

Let me know if any more information is required. I'll post again if I try anything else - or if I have any success.

I was wondering if there is a way to upgrade the box without having it directly connected to see if that has any effect.

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As someone will probably ask me to check otherwise:

There is a green light where the ethernet cable is plugged in.

The data light is flashing intermitently.

Is the USB port to take an external drive? Or can it be used for an update?

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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. There isn't an option on the NOW TV box for changing the gateway setting, which is why you can't find it. It's the same with the Roku devices in general (the NOW TV box is just a modified Roku). You can't specify a static IP for the box either, it needs to take an IP from DHCP.


As far as I can think, the only way you'll get the box to connect correctly is to modify the way your network is set up. Is the hub acting as a DHCP server or not?