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Dark picture

Just connected my  Nowtv box up and the picture is very dark, specifically on Disney+.


are there any fixes for this, I can’t access my picture settings whilst on that channel, but changing them before turning on doesn’t make a difference.


i have also tried different HDMI cables with no change.


tv is a Bush 43” 4K ultra



Thank you.

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I have a Bush (non smart) tv, have you tried turning off energy saving? I always have the backlight set to maximum as well. 


You should have access to tv sound/ picture etc settings while in apps, I do if i press and hold 0 for 3 seconds once I'm in the hdmi source. After I got the tv I had to set that up each time but it's finally "stuck" so now it always works. 


Alternatively as your TV is a smart tv download the Disney + app and access it that way, see if it makes a difference. 

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Hi there,

Thanks for replying.

Energy saving was off, and for some reason Disney plus isn’t in the App Store through the bush store.

I did restart the box, and that allowed me to access the TV settings, a fix seemed to have been turning ‘HDMI full range’ on.
Clearly I’m not used to having a smart tv!