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2 boxes 1 problem



Im sure this has been asked several thousands of times so aplogise in advance. 


I purchased a smart box for my living room and am currently 3 months into my free 5 months entertainment pass, I purchased a black box for my daughter for xmas with the intention of using my account under 2 boxes so she can get the benefit of my account. 


My now tv account is setup with a DD ready for when the free trial runs out so there should be no loss in service.


I setup her box using the on screen guide and added my account to her box successfully but now when she tries to use the entertainment option via the now TV service its asking to start a free trial or use a voucher code. 


Stuff like BBC iplayer, Youtube etc all work fine.


Should this second box be able to use the free pass I am currently enjoying? 


Have I setup the 2nd box incorrectly? 


Is there anything else I can try?


Many thanks for any help in advance. 


kind Regards





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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


It sounds like your daughter's box has been logged into a different account.


First, on the website go to your My Account > My Passes page and check that you can see the entertainment pass that is on your account (if you can't then the pass will be on a different account, so try logging in with any other usernames you have).

If you can see your pass correctly, go to My Account > My account details and make a note of the username there.

Then on your NOW TV box open up the NOW TV app, go to the My Account screen and check that you are logged in with the same username. If not, sign out and log back in with the correct username.