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Who will be the next DiCaprio? My top 5 nominees

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Now that Leo has won and we’ve finished mourning all the Internet memes his “Oscarlessness” (yes, I just invented that word) provided us with, it’s time to find someone new. Some brilliant actor we can get upset about never winning an Oscar, despite being nominated multiple times. So here’s my top 5, and I hope the Academy will take me seriously when I say if my No. 1 doesn’t win within the next 3 years, I will… Well, I don’t know, but I’ll figure something out by then!


So who should be next? Here are my top 5 nominees:


  1. Ralph Fiennes (2 nominations)


Image copyright: ©NBCUniversal All Rights Reserved

He clearly should have won his first nomination - yes, it was for Schindler’s List, so you should definitely agree with me. Not only has he been around for a long time and proving his talent for years, he’s actually been showing up in very recent masterpieces such as The Grand Budapest Hotel. So please someone give this guy an Oscar, you don’t want to bring out the Voldemort in him!


  1. Viola Davis (2 nominations)


After The Help, you can’t have any doubts about the incredible talent of Viola Davis – she has been winning a lot of other awards recently, including an Emmy and quite a few SAG awards, so I think it’s time she gets that handsome gold man holding a sword (yes, I’m talking about the Oscar statuette).


  1. Brad Pitt (3 nominations)


He might have shared a win as a producer, but never as an actor, and I’m actually convinced Leo and Brad have been affected by the same curse – the Handsome Hollywood Guy Curse. (Although I actually never got the whole Leo hype, but then again, I’m not too big on celebrity crushes…well, except when it comes to Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau… But hey, I’m getting distracted.) I actually strongly believe these two amazing actors are proof that sometimes being too good-looking can mean that a lot of people will overlook your talents. They’re good actors, but looks like they both just had to wait until they’ve become a bit older to be taken more seriously. (So if you’re young and unsuccessful, here’s the bright side: you might just be way too handsome for your own good!)


  1. Edward Norton (3 nominations)


Image copyright: Photographs © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

After the 90s, we might have believed he’d been forgotten, but he made his comeback with two movies nominated for Best Picture last year. He was amazing in both Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel, so I’m hoping he’ll soon get nominated for Best Actor again, because he’s definitely someone who deserves to win.


  1. Glenn Close (6 nominations)


Dangerous Liaisons
Image copyright: © 2009 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved

I mean can you even believe it?!? Glenn Close has never won an Oscar?! She’s such a legend, and not having an Oscar after 6 nominations is almost unbelievable. I mean it must be awesome for young actresses in their 20s winning Oscars for their first nominations, and there’s no doubt that they more than deserved it, but come on. Even though you’re both incredible, step aside Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson, and give an Oscar to Glenn Close. She’s Glenn fricking Close. PLEASE.


What do you think? Who should win an Oscar ASAP?

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Glenn Close is a surprise, Jagged Edge was a great film.


Sigourney Weaver would be my nomination, Copycat is one of my guilty pleasure movies and who doesn't love the Alien films?




@Andy Ooooh, Sigourney Weaver is an excellent shout! 🙂 And yes, still can't believe Glenn Close has never won...

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Legend 5

@Diana-H Liam Neeson just for being Liam Neeson! ❤️


'I will find you and I will kill you....'




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Legend 5



But you forgot to mention he was speaking to the Academy voters when he said that ...




... and that's why he's never won! 😉


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Legend 5

@Andy he probably wants the voters to be 'focused'. Or get big nails through their knees 😉 😄