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Three unmissable Disney movies

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This wasn’t easy.

I love Disney movies. Yes, I’m a 26-year-old man, but there are few things better than snuggling up and watching a good cartoon classic. By the way, I also like tough guy stuff, like Deadpool and the Premier League. #Lad

Anyway, I decided to set myself the task of listing my three Disney faves and although it was almost impossible, I think I’ve narrowed it down. Maybe. Here they are.

The Lion King
Mathew Broderick Ernie Sabella and Nathan Lane (1).jpg

As a representation of the actual animal kingdom, The Lion King is way off. As a movie, it’s spot on.

It’s hard to believe that this movie now 23 years old, but it has easily stood the test of time. Its graphics are awesome and the story is hard to beat. It’s about the animal kingdom, which is ruled by the lions from Pride Rock. When baby Simba is born, he is taught how to be king and the importance of the ‘circle of life’ (tune).

However, Simba and his father Mufasa are tricked by Mufasa’s evil brother Scar (who is terrifying by the way). Mufasa is killed and Simba is forced to flee, leaving Scar in charge. For some reason, Scar is best mates with a pack of hyenas, but they’re not a very nice bunch.

Scar’s rule over the Pride Lands have led to a drought (I don’t know if that’s his fault to be fair), but Simba is encouraged to return and claim his rightful place as King. He does, with plenty of singing along the way. The circle of life goes on.

Finding Nemo
Marlin & Dory 5.jpg
P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. See? I still remember it.

Finding Nemo is all about the amazing lengths one fish will go to to save his son. Anyone who has temporarily lost their kid at the supermarket will surely empathise. When Marlin loses his wife and hundreds of eggs after a barracuda attack, all seems lost. However, one egg is left unscathed, and the adorable Nemo is born.

Despite Marlin’s best efforts to keep Nemo safe, our little friend is taken by scuba divers. Marlin doesn’t give up, and swims from his home in the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney to find him. To give you some context, that’s about 1,500 miles. That’s the equivalent of a human walking about 300,000 miles. Eat your hearts out, The Proclaimers.

Despite encountering three Great White Sharks with peculiar eating habits, a very angry Angler fish and a flock of bouncy jellyfish, Marlin and his pal Dory make the trip to Sydney. Ever tried to recall last night’s dream? That’s Dory every single day. How they made the journey, I’ll never know.

Marlin is finally reunited with Nemo and, although he realises he needs to keep Nemo safe, he acknowledges that he needs to let his son lead his own life. Besides, grounding him would be quite ineffective.

Toy Story
Toy Story 1.jpg

Another movie which is somehow over 20 years old.

Released in 1995, Toy Story was a huge part of my childhood and is probably my favourite movie in this list. With a great cast including Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, it’s got all the ingredients for a modern classic. Besides, anything with walking, talking toys is bound to be a hit.

With graphics that were waaaaay ahead of its time, Toy Story would not look out of place if it was released today. But it’s not that which makes it such a great story. It’s all about the value of friendship and being able to overcome the bits of ourselves which are not so nice.

Woody (Hanks), is the favourite toy of young boy Andy and enjoys life among the other toys. However, when Buzz Lightyear is introduced to the gang, everybody loves him…except Woody.

Suddenly jealous of newcomer, Woody begins to feel left out and is accused of murdering Buzz when Woody accidentally causes Buzz to fall out the window. Buzz survives, but the two are soon separated from Andy and forced to work together to find their way home. Not so easy when Buzz is convinced he isn’t a toy and Woody hates Buzz for it. When the two are taken by evil neighbour Sid, things get desperate.

However, in one of the best movie scenes of all time (honestly) Woody rallies Sid’s toys in an attempt to save Buzz from being fired from a rocket. Buzz has since realised he’s not actually a spaceman and starts ****ing himself.

With Woody’s leadership and Buzz’s ability to fly (or at least fall with style), the pair escape and return to Andy (mostly) safe and sound. We’re all left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

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I don't see Beauty And The Beast @Douglas-E 😉

It teaches children that it isn't what is on the outside that counts. Heart


Hey, I am 23 and am a Disney fanatic! There is no shame in that. 🙂

You can't beat Toy Story! Did you know there is a first draft to the film where Woody is a "villain"? Shocking!


I'm glad The Lion King is on the list, Scar is one of those villains that are just so hard to hate even though we all know what he does! 😮

I love how the first film is " Hamlet" and the second film is "Romeo and Juliet". Clever! 🙂

I can never get through it without crying though.... 😞

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@Douglas-E Wow, you've seen more Disney animated films than I have. I've seen 2, and none of your top picks.

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Legend 5

You can't beat The Jungle Book. 


It teaches children that monkeys are cool. Heart



I totally agree with you there on The Lion King and Finding Nemo Smiley Very Happy

And hey, I'm 34 with no kids and I practically LIVE on Disney on a daily basis, lol! Smiley Tongue

Not to mention many other non-Disney animated movies, actions, thrillers, dramas & suspense! Smiley Wink


My Top 3 Disney animated movies of all time (if I have to choose only 3 to list for now, lol!) are as follows -


1) Frozen

2) Cinderella

3) Sleeping Beauty

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@KimmyJWickham Do you have DisneyLife?


I am obsessed with that service. 🙂

@caseyb1993 I suuuuuuuuuure do!!!!! Smiley Very HappySmiley WinkSmiley Happy

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Legend 5

Sweet! DisneyLife has to be the best thing that happened to the internet. 😄


Also @KimmyJWickham, have you seen Beauty And The Beast (2017)? 🙂

It is fantastic! 😮

Oooooh most definitely! 8 times at the cinema when it first came out in fact! Smiley Wink


I kid you not! Me and my fiancé saw it 8 times at the cinema! We love it to pieces! Smiley Wink

Legend 5
Legend 5

@KimmyJWickham 8 times?! 


I only went once but it was a freebie in Cineworld as when I went to see Fantastic Beasts, the projector went crazy and broke down! 😞

(I saved the 2 vouchers they gave me for Moana BatB.)


I bought it when it came out as it come with a free book in Sainsburys. 🙂

@caseyb1993 Yep yep yep, you read it right, 8 times at the cinema Smiley Wink


Moana is another of my favourite more recent Disney movies (love, love, LOVE Maui, lol!) Smiley Very Happy

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Legend 5

@KimmyJWickham The best part of Moana?


"SHINY!!" Love that song! 😄

I think Maui is a bit over rated to be honest. 



I miss 2D Disney though so much. 😞


@caseyb1993 Maui singing "You're Welcome" is my favourite part of the whole of Moana, also any and all of the scenes featuring the absolutely flippin' hilarious Hei Hei Smiley LOL