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New Movies: March 2017

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Central Intelligence

Available from 31 March



Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart - what a duo to team up for an action-filled comedy!

Calvin (aka Kevin) was voted the guy most likely to succeed back in his high school days. Well, 20 years later and he’s a forensic accountant. Not bad, right?

Robbie (played by Dwayne Johnson) dropped out of school after being bullied, poor guy. But, he’s grown into a strong man. All it took for these two to reunite after all those years was a simple Facebook request; social media these days, ey?!


As it turns out, this isn’t the reunion Calvin thought it was going to be. I mean, letting someone stay over then having CIA agents turn up at your door is a bit of a red flag…



The Boss

Available from 24 March



We all love a story of someone who has nothing then grows to be a success. 

This comedy, starring Melissa McCarthy, who plays Michelle, starts with a young girl being repeatedly dropped off at the orphanage, resulting in her being raised by nuns. Well, she’s all grown up now and turns out to be the 47th richest woman in the world!


Although it’s great being that rich, it’s maybe not so great to be accused of insider trading by your former lover. I think it’s fair to say he was holding a grudge from their breakup! After being released, Michelle soon realises some people are finding it a bit difficult to forgive and forget.


OK, so maybe she’s not grown to be a real ‘success’.



Florence Foster Jenkins

Available from 3 March



The true story of Florence Foster Jenkins is played by the incredible Meryl Streep in this comedy-drama which also stars Hugh Grant. Jenkins is a New York City heiress and socialite with a love for music and has the dream of becoming an opera singer. Bit of a shame the woman can’t sing… at all!

She hires pianist Cosmé McMoon (Simon Helberg from the Big Bang Theory) and they soon start writing and performing original songs together. Jenkins decides she wants to do a one night performance to thousands of soldiers - the perfect opportunity to have people laugh at you!



 The Shallows

Available from 16 March


DF-00300_r1-min (1).jpg


86 minutes of Blake Lively, sounds great already doesn’t it?

She plays Nancy, a medical student on vacation, visiting an isolated beach in Mexico. Heading out to sea to catch some waves, she notices a whale carcass floating and well, it goes downhill from there. Pretty quickly actually.

Well, there’s only so much you can do to try to survive from a shark with only a rock and a GoPro to help, but she’s got some good old tricks up her sleeve.



Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

Available from 17 March 


Ghostbusters 2016 - 09-min (1).jpg


This supernatural comedy tells the story of four women – two paranormal physicists, a nuclear engineer and a subway worker - starting up a ghost-catching business in the Big Apple following a huge ghost invasion. As you do.

The Ghostbusters are called to all sorts of places, a subway and even a live music venue. Perfect opportunity for them to use the equipment they’ve built to capture the ghosts, right?

However, they need to stop mad scientist Rowan North if they want to stop the ghosts completely.





A Few Good Men

Available from 1 March


A Few Good Men 1-min (1).jpg


This courtroom thriller is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The legal drama revolves around two Marines who have been accused of murdering their fellow Marine, William Santiago. They are defended by an inexperienced Navy lawyer, played by Tom Cruise. But don’t worry, another lawyer, played by Demi Moore, is there to help.

We’ll all be scarred by the phrase ‘code red’ after this one!



Dumb and Dumber

Available from 28 February




Good old Harry and Lloyd, the funniest, yet dumbest friends ever!

Lloyd is a limo driver and has the job of taking his passenger, Mary, to the airport. He notices she has left her briefcase at the airport and attempts to return it to her. He fails, obviously.

After being followed by thugs who want the briefcase (that’s full of money), the pair start their trip across the country from Providence to Aspen to return the briefcase… with a few mishaps along the way to say the least.

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