New Movies: June 2017

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Available from 2 June




Jack Reacher is played by the one and only Tom Cruise in this action-crime drama. Reacher is a former military investigator who results to being on the run as a fugitive from the law after returning to his past military HQ to find his old friend, Major Susan Turner, has been arrested and accused of espionage.


The military officers are soon dropping like flies after constant accusations begin to arise. It’s Reacher’s responsibility to uncover the truth… Can he do it?


Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Available from 9 June




Attention! Zac Efron and Adam Devine are in the house!


It’s their sister’s Hawaiian wedding coming up and these two party animal brothers are dateless. But, don’t worry girls, they’ve sent out an online ad to find the perfect dates. The brother’s ad gets answered by an uncontrollable duo, played by Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza.

Will the two girls out-party the brothers? Or will they just ruin the wedding completely?


Rock Dog

Available from 16 June




This Sky Cinema original is sure to be a family favourite.


After a radio falls from the sky, Bodi, a young Tibetan Mastiff leaves his home in the mountains to fulfil his life-long dream of being a rock musician in the big city.


Poor Bodi soon encounters a series of unexpected events. We sense a bit of karma after turning down being the next guard of the Snow Mountain village, do you?


War Dogs

Available from 17 June




This American, comedy-drama, starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, follows two young arms dealers living in Miami Beach during the Iraq War. The pair landed a $300 million deal from the Pentagon to arm America's allies in Afghanistan. It’s fair to say this deal puts them in business with the wrong kind of people…


Who would have thought this is based on a true story?


Bridget Jones's Baby

Available from 23 June




We’ve waited over 10 years for this and the self-involved woman concerned with her weight, appearance and securing a boyfriend is back!

It was only so long Bridget could focus on her single life and career. Well, surprise… she’s pregnant! There’s just one small problem. She’s not 100% sure who the father is.


The big question is: Mark Darcy or Jack Qwant?



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Looking forward to Lights Out on 2nd June as well!

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Legend 5

Rock Dog is my thing! 🙂

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Legend 5

War dogs is definitely worth a watch, based on a true story and i can't believe how easy it was for these two characters in the film on how easy it was for anybody to sell arms to the US Government.


Not a big fan of Jonah Hill, but must admit that i really enjoyed this movie (a big thumbs up from me).


Just tried to watch Bridget Jones's Baby and the sound stuttered the whole way through the film. 😞


Have only watched Rock Dog of all those lot personally Smiley Tongue


I thought it was a very enjoyable & fun film indeed Smiley Happy