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problem with now tv player signing in on android

Purchased Now tv sports package through BT for my 88 year old year old father who has no computor techincal skills at all..!!

He has had BT sport downloaded to his android tablet for a year ro so - he simply clicks onthe app and it goes straight to the 4 channels - he picked what he wants to watch and he's away. No signing in/passwords. No hassle. 

Have downloaded the Now TV app to his tablet and the Now TV player. Now if he clicks on the NOWTV app it doesnt go anywhere. If he clicks on the now TV button the player takes an eternity to load up but then its asking him if he wants to purchase a day /month pass - which obviously he doesnt as he has the package. He then has to clear this screen and log in to the account......surely there must be an easier way to stay logged into the account so he can go to the home page at a click of the button?

Advice please?



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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I am assuming you are referring to accessing the dedicated NowTV App to watch your purchased NowTV Passes ?


I don't use my Android Tablet much for watching NowTV (more old school and rather watch on a television) but every time i have used the NowTV App on the tablet i have never seemed to encountered any problems.


Firstly i would download the NowTV App from the Google Play Store (don't use the NowTV Player software on the NowTV website via your internet browser which is designed & intended for PC & Mac only).


If you have accidentally downloaded the NowTV Player, delete the NowTV player from your tablet.


Once you open the NowTV App for the first time, click on the three small horizontal settings bar (towards the top left of the App screen) then navigate to My Account.


After you have signed in with your NowTV account details with the NowTV passes you have purchased, the App should play has normal.


I don't bother signing out of my NowTV App on my Tablet when i switch off my Tablet and once i have switched on the tablet and opened up the NowTV App i am logged in already to watch something on it.