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iPhone XS

When watching a video for some reason on the iPhone XS and I guess x as same software feature the the home swipe bar at the bottom stays in place and does not disappear as if it is not recognising it is a video. This is not the same for other video applications such as YouTube, Netflix and amazon video. As I have tested to see if it was a software glitch to do with iPhone XS. But have not been able to replicate on any other video playback service other than Now TV.

Also this only happens on video that are say catch up and not live. What makes it more confusing. 

All I can say is I know someone else with the same phone and has Now TV and is having the same issue. But not sure how widespread it is. As it depends on how many people watch it on there phone instead of streaming to the tv.

Just want to know if anyone else has this issue and if so. See if Now Tv (Sky) can sort it out.

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